What is a Smart Home?

We install systems in your home that can be controlled from virtually anywhere, in the home, or away from it.

You can use your favourite devices, or the house can look after itself, with custom programming for the lighting, entertainment, security, you name it!

The beauty is that these systems can, and should, be inter-linked so that they complement each other and work in harmony to ensure your home feels like it's moulding to your needs.

That's home automation. It's impressive. It's exciting. It's the new standard of living.

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Multi-Room Audio and Video.

Have you ever willed the lights to dim in your home cinema when you pressed the play button on your one-and-only remote control?

Or that you could have all of your films and music available to you anywhere in the home, anytime, at the highest quality, selected though your mobile device?

These are just two of the seemingly endless features we can provide for your entertainment systems. Honestly, this doesn't even scratch the surface…

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Custom-controlled Smart Lighting.

LED Dimmers are great, but ally them to a control system and customise them to your own tastes, and you have one of the most potent and valuable assets to any automated home.

Add to that the ability to set lighting scenes for time of day, home occupation, or even just the music you're playing and you have a life-changing, energy-efficient enhancement to benefit your (and the) environment.

The potential of programmable, automated lighting is truely awesome, and you'll wonder how you ever threw a party without it!

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Climate Control and Communications.

Turn on the AC at home as you're leaving work; set the underfloor heating in the bathroom to warm up from your bed; set the indoor temperature to automatically adjust while you're away. All this, and more, is possible with our systems.

This one aspect of the home automation system alone provides a great opportunity to manage the energy you use efficiently and effectively.

We can also connect each room with a programmable intercom: Letting the whole house (or just the kids' bedrooms) know when dinner's on the table has never been easier!

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Home Security.

Few aspects of life are more personal than your security requirements. We started out in home security and alarm systems, we're SSAIB accredited, and it's no surprise that we can install and configure a reliable and effective custom security solution.

What you may not realise is the extent to which you can contol that system: Securely and remotely viewing you CCTV though your mobile device; seeing who's at the gate as soon as they arrive from any screen in your home; operating your house lights and cameras whilst sitting at the beach bar!

These are just a few basic ways in which our home automation installation and service can enhance your safety and security.

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